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5 Confetti Alternatives That Still Get The Party Started!

This past Sunday we had an epic styled shoot with some great vendors and we cannot wait to share the photos!! In the meantime, I wanted to cover a topic I recently researched for this said styled shoot. The venue we shot at was an outdoor venue that understandably did not allow confetti – even the biodegrade-able kind. This may be something many brides run into as the venue has multiple weddings per week and may not be able to rid themselves of the confetti before their next couple comes to celebrate. For my shoot, I ended up using something more tangible for the flower girls to hold to sideline this predicament, but it got me thinking!


On our last blog, I talked all about where throwing rice originated and what other options are available to use now days. In the spirit of confetti (and glitter and all things celebratory), I decided to outline some options in a concrete list, juuust in case this is something you or your loved ones are debating over. Now, without further ado!

  1. Lavender/Herbs: This may present some of the same problems mentioned above, so this option may not be for everyone. That being said, I wanted to mention it as an alternative if you ARE allowed confetti, just because I love this idea so much! This would work wonderfully into a more organic/holistic wedding, or maybe just if you wanted a unique spin on the “traditional” confetti option.rose_petals_dried_flowers_flower_confetti_paper_cone
  2. Bird Seed: Throwing it back to the rice option, this option may provide a compromise with your outdoor venue. By throwing bird seed you are almost guaranteeing the mess will cleaned up (by a few feathered friends) and may be a great option for those couples that still want the “shower” of something as they depart their ceremony or reception sight. A drawback to this option may potentially be that the feathered friends get a little too friendly, so think over this option before jumping into it if you and your guests plan to stay near by!
  3. Flower Petals/Leaves: While researching options for my styled shoot, one really cool idea I found (gotta love Pinterest) was utilizing leaves! This creative and crafty trick involves finding leaves in your wedding colors or colors that fit your theme and using a hole punch or shaped hole punch to cut out confetti. There are several sellers on Etsy if you are not the DIY type (and I’d recommend this option since there are probably a million and one other things you have on your plate) but this is a great way to bring in your wedding colors and have fun with confetti – without worrying about the consequences.ring_bearer_bubble_fun
  4. Bubbles: What better way to celebrate than with confetti that cleans itself up?! Bubbles have been a popular option for quite a while, and for good reason. Most venues won’t allow bubbles blown inside as they do create a sticky residue dependent on where they land. However, as you depart your ceremony or reception, you can be showered in an iridescent gleam of bubbles and can be on your way to the next event knowing you are in good standing with your venue.
  5. Celebrate with Items: If you are having trouble coming up with something that will add to your day without a mess, try thinking about items that do not need to be thrown. Sparklers have become very popular for nighttime departures, though there are some fire hazard concerns to be aware of. Some other options dependent on your theme and the feel you are going for are balloons, ribbons and even bells. Each guest holds a helium filled balloon and lets it bop and wave for some celebratory effects. Ribbons and bells can be moved by your guests to create a celebration all on their own. I even read recently about paper airplanes being used to help exit the happy couple. How cool would those pictures be?!


As I’ve said before, your wedding is unique to YOU and your spouse. You can make it your own! There are plenty of confetti options to choose from that create another personalized option to drive home your theme. Having a Christmas wedding? Use those jingle bells. Is your theme a springtime celebration? Throw some lavender!

Don’t be afraid to customize your experience to your tastes. One of my favorite things about planning and designing weddings and events is that I get to come up with some amazing ideas to help you make your event reflect you. If you’re having trouble creating the event of your dreams, we can help! Contact us today to get the brainstorming started!

Thanks for reading,


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