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5 Guest Book Alternatives That Shine For Any Occasion

Happy Almost-November friends!

While I type this, I’ve got a cinnamon candle burning, I plan on picking up some candy I DON’T love for our trick or treaters Thursday, and my Christmas decorations are just waiting to be unboxed. I know, I know, let the holidays come. I am usually not one to get ahead of myself, but for some reason this year just seems a little more Christmas-y than usual and I can’t wait to deck the halls! Anyway, on to the blog!

As we’ve gone over time and time again, I am a lover for all of the customized, true-to-you, unique wedding details and today’s blog is no different. I wanted to send a few ideas your way on guest book alternatives that really shine for any special occasion, including birthdays, holidays and yes, even weddings.

There’s something about a guest book that just helps jog your memory of the special day and reminisce on how much love encompassed you during your event, courtesy of all of your friends and family. It should feel personalized, special and meaningful to you as a couple. As much as I love a traditional book to read and go over, there are a multitude of other options to consider when choosing what you will have your guests sign. If you are having a specific theme, consider matching your guest ”book” to that to enjoy well wishes in a way that also reminds you of the details of your wedding day. Here are 5 ideas for alternatives that you and your guests will love!

(I couldn’t resist!)
  1. Photos to last a lifetime: We’ve seen them as polaroids or already prepared photos of your guests from favorite moments with them. By providing your guests with a photo of themselves or a camera to photograph themselves, it helps solidify their part of your life and your wedding day while still offering a place to sign their well wishes and advice for a successful marriage.
  2.  Paper and pen for sweet thoughts: Just because you choose to not use a traditional guest book doesn’t mean you can’t still include a book. Whether it is a blank book to fill with stories and advice or a favorite story book to write over, your guests will have fun writing on its pages and filling it up with sweet love notes to look on for years to come.weddingrings_novel_title
  3. Something old, something blue, something framed: Matting a special piece of art or a photo of the happy couple is a great way to include your guests into your guest book. Once your wedding day is over, you can hang this piece of very personalized art in a room in your home, which your guests will be able to see when they visit!
  4. Games and fun: If you are having a particular theme or simply really enjoy a good game night, consider these options. Many couples now have puzzle pieces as a guest book to put together with their new spouse after the big day. What could be sweeter than reflecting on all of your guest’s advice while you enjoy a game night with your new spouse?
  5. Something solid to last: Maybe you and your spouse are musical, or your wedding is a Florida fairytale at the beach. Finding tangible objects to have your guests sign like a guitar or seashells can be a really fun touch and provide a better tie-in to your theme than a simple book may have. Again, with this option you are able to display your families’ advice within your home and it may be more available than a book that ends up on a bookshelf.guitar_music_strings_florals

By now I think you’ll know from my writing that the possibilities are endless! From guest books to bow ties, your wedding is something that only happens once. Have some fun and tie in your theme with some of the great ideas above and watch your guests be impressed on the day of. If you need help along the way, I’d be more than happy to sit down and chat about what cool things we can come up with together!



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