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A Fun Little Surprise…

Alright ladies and gents! I’m here with an exciting announcement.

I’ve been toying with the idea of writing a blog series for a while now, but I wanted to make sure it was something that was engaging and answered some questions that I’ve always asked myself while party/event planning. I wanted it to be interesting, but also help you answer the questions you’ve maybe never wondered about! Where in the heck did piñatas come from? Why in the world do we search for garters at a wedding? Who decided to throw a tree up in their house at Christmastime and call it a day?!

I’ve often asked myself some questions like this, but have never really stopped to research WHY. In my ever persistent quest to learn all there is to know about events: I’m finally asking! Monthly, I will feature a blog to discuss the why between what has become so accepted among our wacky customs. This can include anything from Western culture and the history behind it to more unconventional traditions that are still practiced today. I’d be happy to answer any of your burning questions (please tell me it isn’t just me) on cultures, holidays, and quirky rituals many practice, but have lost touch with the origin.

I think this could be an exciting way to understand the world around us – and potentially help you choose what traditions are right for your event. If you understand where some of those on-the-fence wedding customs you are slightly unsure about came from, you can determine if throwing the bouquet is really something you want to do. On the opposite end of that, by gaining knowledge behind the father daughter dance, it can become that much more special to you on your traditional day. I’m looking forward to coming up with all kinds of answers for myself – and for you!

To submit a question you’d like answered, email or visit our Instagram @planitwithloveoutloud and slide on in to our DMs. We can’t wait to chat!



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