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Unique Central Florida Venues that Stand Out

Hello beautiful people!

I hope you’re soaking in this breezy weather we’ve been having and getting your pumpkins out in full force (we’re unboxing our Halloween décor tonight and I could not be more excited)! In honor of the spooky, unique and sometimes untraditional, today I’m doing things a little different and reviewing some exciting venue options that are not the first things that come to mind when thinking of your wedding venue. Traditionally, your mind probably jumps to cathedrals, churches, event venues, and even rustic barns which have been on trend for quite a while. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with keeping it traditional, some brides and grooms want to stand out from the crowd, and potentially even save a little money. Here’s where this blog comes in. 😉

A big believer in thinking outside of the box, my first suggestion is to do just that! Look around your cities, towns, and even outer skirts for unexpected locations to host your event. Are there parks with beautifully groomed lawns to be married on? Does your local city hall have the perfect space to host you and 100 of your closest friends and family? There are many different options to host a wedding or event at that are not necessarily advertised as such.


Locally in Brevard County, Florida, we have country clubs, yacht clubs, beach houses, parks, and even breweries that are happy to host smaller or larger get togethers. One of my favorite things is finding out of the box solutions that my couples haven’t yet thought of. Our latest styled shoot was at the Hell n’ Blazes Brewery (pictures to come, I swear!) and the venue provided their own décor, a private room for hosting, and not to mention craft beer in various flavors – including bubble gum, maple, and peach (YUM).


If beer isn’t your thing, you can check with your local libraries, universities or even stadiums for options to wow your guests with the original. Another local option to choose from in Brevard is the USSSA Space Coast Complex. It sounds like a baseball lover’s dream to get married with the backdrop of a baseball diamond, and those pictures would be a killer ice breaker for years to come! Local historic sites, restaurants and bed and breakfasts may offer a quaint take on your day and could be just what you’re looking for with intimate set ups and cozy interiors.

Outdoor ceremonies are also an option and can include anything from a good friend’s backyard to an incredible beach gathering. Here in Central Florida, we have the luxury of being near the beach – and while there are plenty hotels and resorts that do offer beach ceremonies, you can also apply for a permit yourself and create the design of your dreams (usually this only includes the ceremony, but take your pick of venues to choose from for dancing)! If sandy toes don’t impress you, there are many various botanical gardens and museums to choose from as well. Rockledge Gardens offers some amazing views and can be styled and designed to your heart’s desire, offering up a neutral pavilion and plenty of outdoor space to spread out with your guests!

Designed and Styled by Love Out Loud Events

Simply put – there are so many great locations to choose from in Central Florida and that can be overwhelming, for sure! When I first began wedding and event planning, I was surprised to find out how many beautiful venues there were. Living in Brevard my whole life, it is amazing what one can find once they start looking for it. If you are an out of the box bride or groom and are interested in finding the perfect venue for you, please contact me! I would love to meet with you and discuss how to make your wedding stand out from the crowd and show your wedding guests just how unique your venue, your wedding, and your love can be!

Talk soon!

Love, Brittani James

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