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Love Out Loud: The Meaning Behind The Name

Fun fact: I thought about my business name for over SIX months. 😅


Yep, you read that right. Now, I’m not super into astrology, but I do think the character traits my birth falls under just happen to align with me pretty well. Due to my Libra-esque existence that a) I can be extremely indecisive b) I want to please people, and c) I’m very passionate, all of these traits aligned with the perfect storm to prevent my undecided mind to settle on a name for my business.

When I got certified as a wedding planner through The Bridal Society, our certification leader (hi Laurie!) implored our class to not spend a ton of time on our name. I heard her and understood why, knowing that it could hold me up in the formation of my business. In fact, I actually advise you NOT to wait forever as well, knowing how long it did delay me. However, also understanding myself – I knew I had to make it mean something to me, and if you are planning on starting a business I would just as soon tell you the same thing! Just maybe don’t wait six months to brainstorm and set a hard deadline for yourself instead.


On any note, ever the rule breaker (kidding) – I started the long process of choosing a business name. From Google articles to lists on my phone to searching the entirety of the country to see what event companies actually did exist, I did it all! I looked up the definition to numerous words, found meaning in the simplest of sentences, and asked family and friends for their opinions. All to come up with a bunch of ideas I couldn’t fall in love with.

Serendipity is my favorite word, but apparently a lot of people agree with that, as it’s taken in multiple parts of the country, including Florida. Then there was Always Time For a Party, which was also good – but lacked the weddings I wanted to portray I design. Events by Brittani just didn’t have the passion I was going for, so I was stuck. I stayed stuck until I attended the annual Bridal Society Conference. There I was immediately pushed into passionate thinking again and around people that truly inspire me and get my heart racing for the excitement weddings and events fuel me with. I was in my element – and I was ready to do this!

I can’t tell you exactly when it hit, but when it hit it was almost like a bolt of lightning! All of the ideas I’d had circulating in this indecisive creative brain of mine came back full force into what I strive to do in my life.


Love. Out. Loud.
I quickly wrote it down and typed a message to my partner and side kick, Nick. He was unsure at first, so I wrote some reasons why this name was it. “To me it means to live with your heart on your sleeve and share happiness with others.”

In my life, I have really learned that authentic is the best way to be. There are times when I wish I was more dogmatic than I am. Or that I could let other’s opinions affect me less. I’ve got a big heart, and I’m a giver. I want to make people happy, and I gain a lot for myself when I’ve made others smile. I want to exceed expectations. I’m vivacious, bold, passionate, and unique. By trusting others and living my life “out loud”, self love comes that much easier. Being unapologetically yourself is so much easier, anyway! That’s what I want my business to be. That’s what I want the name to reflect.

Love Out Loud Events is just that. It is unique in the way we do things from the heart. We strive to be passionate in giving you the best service, knowing that these moments you choose us to help you plan and design are one of a kind, once in a lifetime kind of things. We share our clients happiness by exceeding their expectations and knowing that by boldly and unapologetically being ourselves, we can create some amazing things together. 


SO. To end this heartfelt tale, just be yourselves, guys. I get a lot of compliments on my company name (and most importantly, I love it), and I just kind of chuckle to myself on how long it took to come up with it. Sometimes it pays off to be indecisive. A lot of the time, it pays to be yourself.

Authentically yours,
Love, Brittani James

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