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Traditions: Rain is a Good Thing!

With the impending doom that is Hurricane Dorian, this native Floridian figured it would only be appropriate to write this month’s series on RAIN. Specifically, rain on your wedding day and where in the world that superstition came from.


As we all know, supposedly rain on the wedding day brings good luck to the happy couple. Beginning without researching, my first reaction was that no one in their right mind would tell a bride it means bad luck on her wedding day. I mean, after all the prepping, planning, and years of dreaming about the perfect day – having rain is punishment enough. That being said, I wanted to dig deeper into where this superstition originated and what it could potentially mean…especially for those brides that have their special days this weekend!

Surprisingly, this research project did not prove easily found, however many sources pointed this superstition back to the Hindu religion, believing rain will bring a strong marriage, assuming that when “tying the knot” it is harder to untie a wet knot. (More on this whole tying the knot saying in another post!) Another belief stemming from Hindu religion is that just like plants need water, water – or rain, torrential downpour, or Category 4 hurricanes – on a wedding day signifies fertility in a couple’s marriage, creating more chance for an abundant and prosperous family. Rain is believed to be a symbol of good fortune which falls on the happy couple, bringing well wishes and washing away any troubles the marriage might bring.


There is, however, an opposing opinion on rain during weddings. Though not as popular, a handful of cultures believe that rain on a wedding day will bring bad luck and tears throughout your marriage. This can also be flipped, as some cultures believe that rain means that the bride has shed her last tears and will be cleansed for good fortune and happiness throughout her marriage.

A more direct interpretation of this belief could be simply that you and your future spouse will have to overcome many obstacles (including potential rain on your wedding day) in your life. What you choose to do with these obstacles is what matters. While under pressure, choosing to respect and love each other during these obstacles will make for a smooth marriage. It may also help to have a wedding planner with a plan B, but hey, we’ll get to that!


As you can tell, this superstition seems to pop up in a variety of cultures, so it is very hard to pinpoint exactly when it started, but I’m going with the Hindu religion’s customs, beliefs and traditions as that is what seems most mentioned in the records that I did find. There are a lot of ideas on this subject overall, but I’m thinking rain is mostly a good luck thing, considering the majority of opinions suggest happiness and good fortune.

Ever the optimist, I also wanted to include some really great things about rainy day weddings, besides the good luck that it supposedly brings to your marriage.


For one, check out these dreamy photos. Do a quick little Google search. I mean, how swoon-worthy can you get?! These photos are giving me all of the Ally and Noah vibes and I am not mad about it. I can’t say I wouldn’t pray for rain. That with the added excuse to cuddle makes for an incredibly romantic day.

Secondly, you’ve got a great story to tell your friends, family, and grandchildren. My dad got married to my stepmom during Hurricane Jeanne in 2004, and though it was a huge headache at the time, they’ve enjoyed retelling their story of relocating the venue site, catering menu, and all of the other details that were thrown up in the air. Their honeymoon consisted of glow sticks in their hotel room and a delayed cruise, but what a tale to tell!

Rain also provides your guests with a little something extra to bond over and discuss. For some reason, weather brings everyone together, and rain on a wedding day is no exception. Providing your guests with a common topic to create an icebreaker might mean that your reception runs just a little more smoothly, and also might mean your guests stay a little longer to enjoy your party, given the alternative is to race to their car in the rain!


Overall, whatever doom Dorian decides to bring – just remember that rain is a good thing. At least that’s what I’m going with. I hope you do too! To all the bride and grooms this weekend getting married, I wish you lots of luck, happiness and good fortune. This is just another obstacle that you can tackle together, and laugh about later. To all the bride and grooms that have yet to “tie the knot”, enjoy your weekend of cuddling and planning…and if you need help, call me! (when the power comes back on ;))

Wishing you lots of sunshine,




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