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Unique Ideas to Personalize Your Wedding Ceremony

Hello again!

I recently saw this video turned viral of a wedding ceremony that utilized a “flower man” to help introduce the bride down the aisle and was instantly obsessed.  How fun and cool is that?! By now, my dear readers, you must know that I am a fan of the unique and untraditional. What can I say? I like to stand out. I like for YOU to stand out too, so today I am here to give you some awesome ways to do that at your wedding ceremony.

As much as I love the traditional ceremony (and believe me, there is definitely a charm and timelessness of having a traditional ceremony) – I still feel there is a lot you can do to truly make it yours. So whether you’re getting married in a traditional church with stained glass windows or dancing down the aisle to an alter in the middle of a garden, these ideas can help you create the ceremony of your dreams and help you really personalize your big day. Here we go!

Theme your fun!

Of course, by the ceremony your future spouse and you have already chosen a theme for your wedding. That being said, incorporating your theme into some ceremony standards can be a cool way to showcase your theme in some options you may not have considered. If you’re being married on the beach like many of Central Florida couples, consider different colored sand and shells in exchange for your unity candle. If your ceremony is outside, consider printed fans instead of programs for your guests in the hot Florida heat. By thinking along with your theme, you can really amp up your ceremony and stand out while still paying respect to some wedding day standard traditions.

Music to Move You

We are all familiar with the traditional wedding day march. If your heart desires, change it up! It is your wedding and if you want to walk down the aisle with your wedding party to Forever by Chris Brown, I think you should make it happen. Don’t forget about your wedding guests either! While your guests arrive, consider hiring a musician to serenade them to some of your favorite love songs, or have your entertainment provider get them involved in some pre-wedding trivia. This may seem a bit far-fetched, and you can certainly keep it traditional, but if this does interest you, I bet your wedding guests will be talking about your wedding for years to come. Whatever you decide, choose entertainment to reflect you as a couple and personalize your walk with style!

We are Family

We’ve all heard of the bridal party being the ones that support you and celebrate you. This is true! However, many family members and friends would love to be a part of your day that you don’t have room for in your wedding party. On that note, enlisting a family member to do a poetry reading or religious verse. If you have a singer in your family, ask them to sing a song that is special to you and your spouse. If you know a friend is ordained (or happens to be willing to become ordained before your service), asking them to marry you is a special touch that will definitely create an awesome ceremony. Having your family (and friends) as a part of your special day not only personalizes your ceremony, it also creates a memory for you and your family and friends that stands out above the rest.

Family Matters

I know we’ve just covered enlisting your family and friends for your ceremony, but I wanted to cover this topic in a separate category. Don’t forget to pay respect to those that have touched your lives and are no longer with you. Having a seat or picture of your family members and close friends that have since passed is such a beautiful thing to do and would surely mean a lot to both of you as well as your wedding guests. If your parents are still married (or even if they’re not) consider paying respect to their marriage by using their wedding rings in your ceremony in some way. We’ve talked a lot about the untraditional and stand out ways to personalize your ceremony, but I wanted to make sure to touch on remembering the traditional as well, in new unique ways.


Think Outside the Florals

Now, my favorite floral friendors might get upset with me, but don’t worry! Coming from a floral background myself (my grandparents raised orchids growing up), I am surely a big fan of centerpieces, arrangements, and bud vases galore! That being said, I am also a big fan of changing it up! Instead of a bouquet of flowers, perhaps consider a bouquet of broaches your grandmother owns. Utilize décor from your childhood to line the aisles instead of traditional signage or lanterns. Going back to tip number one, try to theme it as best you can, but remember to consider a new take on the “something borrowed, something blue” ideas of the past.


I could go on and on about how to customize and personalize a wedding or event! I think by now you’ve gotten a good baseline, but if you do have specific questions or ideas to explore, I’d love to help! One of my passions is helping you to stand out among the crowd, and I really enjoy helping my couples explore and celebrate what makes them – them! Contact me today and tell me all about yourselves!

Looking forward to celebrating with you soon!

Love, Brittani James

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