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Wedding Planning: Where to Start When Planning Your Wedding

Congratulations! You are now officially engaged and feeling a little excited/terrified/overwhelmed about planning your wedding. Never fear! We’ve got an awesome list of “what to do firsts” below, and guess what number one is?


#1 Hire some help!
I promise you, you are about to embark on an awesome, frustrating, amazing, stressful and romantic experience that culminates all to one very big day: your wedding. No pressure. It’s a lot of emotions!
Help combat some of that stress by hiring a Certified Wedding professional that can manage the more stressful items on your list and create more time for you to enjoy the process. 
This next step is a hard one.
#2 Determine your budget.
I mean this when I say it, determining the budget for your event is VERY important. By committing to a set amount of spending, this allows you and your future spouse to figure out what is most important to you on your wedding day. It also helps determine what is less important (like those cute coasters you thought you needed until you found out they were $3 each).
By having a fixed budget, you can set yourself up for financial success by not breaking the bank, while being able to give your vendors more tools to still be able to make your vision come alive.
#3 Decide on your wedding date!
This can be specific date that is important to you, or something as simple as a more practical date that allows easier time off of work for your honeymoon. Whatever you decide, choosing a wedding date allows you to begin choosing your venue and vendors and paying deposits. Many vendors fill up over a year and a half in advance, so the quicker you do this, the quicker you can begin booking those more popular vendors.
4# Think about your wedding party…
This is a whole other blog post that I will detail in the future, but one thing I do want to point out is that this is not your most valued MVPs. Your wedding party is not necessarily a reflection of who you find most important in your life. Equally this is a big commitment to ask of someone and it does not mean they do not love you if they decline. By being real and honest with yourself and your loved ones on what your expectations are of your wedding party, it may help you decide on how to choose the best fit for your big day.
You’ve got the date, the budget, the wedding party and hopefully a knowledgeable professional to help plan all the details but there’s one more step.
#5 Begin the guest list!
This will be a revolving process for a while as you will usually remember someone you didn’t first think of. You can always adjust this early on in your process, but having a beginning list helps you to estimate if you need WAY more room than the 60 person venue you were originally looking at. This is also tricky, as with each person of course, the price goes up. This is where your budget comes in to save the day, and helps you remain realistic while also providing some helpful insight on how many guests you’d like to have to celebrate with you.
Overall, following these steps can help you plan for success while not overwhelming you. By having a set budget, a set date, and an estimated number of both wedding party and guests, you can begin looking at venues and vendors knowing you are prepared and ready to conquer the task of wedding planning!
And of course, if you don’t have a planner yet, I’m more than happy to help! Contact me today and let’s chat. 
Happy planning!

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