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What is the “Pantone Color of the Year” and Why Is It So Important?!

Hello there!

I hope your holiday season is in full swing by now. I am currently feeling major cozy vibes while writing this. I’ve got my candle burning, coffee brewing and puppy co-pilot next to me. It’s a rainy day here in Melbourne, Florida, but no shortage of Christmas spirit. Can you tell my little heart is happy?! I love this season and the feelings it brings. On top of all of that, I’ve got some exciting news in the last week and I can’t WAIT to share it with you guys just as soon as possible.

With that being said, I am comin’ at ya with an exciting topic as the Pantone Color of the Year was announced this week! I thought we’d discuss what it is and why in the world it matters so much?! To be honest, when I first started designing, I wondered the same thing. Let’s dive in!

pantone color of the year classic blue

Who is Pantone and why do they make the rules?

According to their website, Pantone originated in 1963 to revolutionize the printing industry with its Pantone Matching System. This tool allowed for “selection, articulation, and reproduction of consistent, accurate color anywhere in the world.” Pretty powerful stuff!

Essentially, before this system, we kind of just guessed our way through colors without consistency or guidance. The Pantone system organizes color standards through a numbering system, providing a color language to support all industries that deal with design. That’s where I come in, as well as many textile, fashion, apparel, interior and industrial designers who rely on consistent color design. In other words, this system can be a pretty big deal.

Imagine choosing a color for your wedding such as “teal blue”. Now imagine showing up to your reception and seeing a color combination of anywhere from Robin’s Egg Blue to Seafoam Green (see how cool it is that I’m communicating in color to you?!) These are the things I have nightmares about (ok, I’m kidding- kind of). It’s just REALLY important to be able to communicate a color palette to your event professionals to convey the theme. Color is a great way to personalize your wedding, as long as you’re communicating the right color. Pantone’s Matching System allows us to communicate in colors without confusion. Thanks, Pantone!


Where does the Pantone Color of the Year come in?

As it turns out, I had to research this one too. The Pantone website has a pretty cool timeline that helps explain what happens when. According to this timeline, the first Pantone Color of the Year was announced in 1999/2000 and was true to its era as it was Cerulean. If you remember the 90’s, you’ll remember everything draped in Cerulean blue jean color. Cut to my mother’s old jean jacket with the tassles for proof. (Raise your hand if your mom had one too!)

As the years progressed, the colors did too – with anything from True Red in 2002 to Living Coral last year. Pantone’s Instagram account has some recap videos to relive each year in well put together videos if you want to check it out! Each year, Pantone releases the next color of the year in early December for the coming year. This year, if you have not already heard, is Classic Blue! You can read more about how it was chosen and what it means here.

blue and amber table setting with silverware
Photo by Winship Photography
So what does this all mean?! 

As 2020 nears, designers and creative industries alike are gearing up for their next year’s marketing trends and new year goals. The Pantone Color Institute studies trends and considers society’s marketing, fashion, social media, and even political views to determine what color will reflect the following year. This color has become extremely influential to the design industry as a whole as well as marketing firms and the like.

When the Color of the Year is announced, they also release an array of products and combination palettes to inspire and intrigue brands across the globe. Bloggers (oh, hey!🙋🏼‍♀️), designers (hello again! 👋🏻), interior decorators and other creative professionals begin dreaming up creations and the color is mirrored throughout media as it is interpreted in different ways.

bride and groom looking happily at each other
Photo by Winship Photography
How does this color impact your event?

If you’re like me and like to march to the beat of your own drum, this color does not HAVE to mean anything to you. You can enjoy the excitement of each announcement as a way to stay in tune with the design world but do nothing with it if you wish.

However, this color has been through some serious research. You WILL see it throughout the next year in products and designs alike. As we enter a new decade, it IS fun to celebrate with a new color. If you do not incorporate this color into your event theme – consider perhaps adding a pop of Classic Blue to your home or other spaces throughout the year.

It is a nice change each year to get an updated color to create palettes and products. The fact that my Christmas tree just happens to be decorated in Classic Blue is just a plus. 😉

What color combinations do you want to see this year with Classic Blue?! What fun ideas can we dream up together? I am always ready to create, so let’s chat! 

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