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Why Hiring a Certified Wedding Planner is Crucial to Your Overall Wedding

Ok, I know. Before we get started, I’ll address the elephant in the room: a wedding planner blogging on her website about to tell you all about why it’s crucial to hire a Certified Wedding Planner seems a little biased…but stay with me. I want to emphasize on the “CERTIFIED” part. There are plenty of wedding planners out there who are not certified, and plenty that can do a great job of planning your wedding as well! This being said, I want to talk about why a certified wedding planner makes a difference.

It’s all about the network!

There are over 4,000 Certified Wedding Planners (CWP) through The Bridal Society and counting! This means over 4,000 other awesome planners to go to for advice when we can’t decide on what to do about dad and stepdad fighting over the walk down the aisle. Don’t stress, I’ve got your back!

Did I mention connections?

Not only are Certified Wedding Planners able to reach a growing number of other fellow Certified planners, The Bridal Society has exclusive partnerships with wedding industry leading professionals including Kleinfeld Bridal Party, The Knot, Wedding Wire, BBJ Linen, Elmwood Forest Productions and more to get you some serious discounts on all things weddings – just by booking someone Certified through The Bridal Society. By utilizing a CWP, my discounts are your discounts. J And I love a good discount!

Knowledge is power.       

Every Certified Wedding Planner through The Bridal Society has gone through a two-day conference taught by an industry leader discussing topics like “Wedding Terminology”, “Wedding Etiquette”, “Communication Strategies”, “Wedding Budgets”, “Wedding Itinerary Construction” and much, much more. These topics, combined with others, help set us up for success and help me work more seamlessly and knowledgeable with clients like you! Not to mention the added fact that we know what we’re doing. I’m sure your best friend’s cousin’s sister is an amazing, creative individual, but are they a professional Certified Wedding Planner sure to make your day a success?

Lookin’ good, trendsetter!

As a Certified Wedding Planner, not only do we have access to the newest wedding trends world-wide (via our secret forum where we showcase the newest and latest trends we’ve utilized in the weddings we’re planning) – we also have access to continuing education courses and workshops that post monthly. These courses help keep me in the know and allow me to pass that awesome information right on to my brides and grooms (example: you) so we can make sure your wedding is the stand out event of the year.

It’s a passion project.

At the end of the day, I love what I do. I will probably swoon as much as you when you tell me how your fiancé proposed, and I will look forward to going over your Pinterest board with you about how much you love each picture and why. The details and the specifics are just as important to me, and making your day about your friends and family and less about the chaos that can be wedding planning is my main objective. Certified Wedding Planners have put in the time to become certified, and continue their education with additional courses and conferences to learn more to serve their clients better. We tirelessly work to manage your budgets, attend vendor meetings and make sure you leave smiling. There is no better feeling than the end of wedding day, watching my couple walk off totally in love.

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